Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Develop an Action Plan to Achieve Career Goals

Develop an action plan to reach your goals by listing several steps you can take to move yourself closer to those goals.  Make your plan easy to implement, and use a viable timeline. Periodically, check your plan to determine if it needs to be adjusted or if it is working for you.

Using the example goal of joining Toastmasters in order to improve communication skills, here is an sample action plan: 

  • Within the next two days, check local listings or search online to find the nearest Toastmasters’ group.
  • Contact the group by the end of the week and express an interest in joining.
  • Attend the next available Toastmasters’ meeting.
  • Network with at least two group members at the first meeting.
  • Learn speaking tips and techniques from members.
  • Become an active participant in the group and continue networking with group members.
  • Implement changes in presentations according to information obtained at meetings and from constructive criticism following personal speeches
Develop a similar action plan for each of the goals you want to achieve. Follow through by completing the action plan steps you have listed.

What goals are you working toward?

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