Monday, March 26, 2012

Be the Best Professional You Can Be

When dealing with customers, coworkers, and supervisors, keep these points in mind:

· First impressions are lasting. Both satisfied and dissatisfied people will spread the word about you.
· Make people feel good by giving them your complete attention when dealing with them.
· Form professional relationships. Learn your coworkers’ work habits and your customers’ needs and wants.
· Be trustworthy. People like dealing with those they trust.
· Keep your promises—always. Don’t make promises you PLAN to keep—only those you WILL keep.
· Become an expert in your field.
· Act on problems and deal with complaints immediately.
· Remember the competition. If you do cannot help the customer, some other company will. If you cannot do the job, someone else will.
· Customers, coworkers, and supervisors contribute to your success.
· Do something extraordinary to make your customers, coworkers, and supervisors believe in you.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Forward in Your Career

This weekend we will “spring forward” by turning our clocks ahead one hour. Perhaps this is a good time to determine how to spring forward in the workplace by seeking advancement. Here are some quick tips to help you climb the corporate ladder:

· Clearly define your career ambitions.
· Learn all you can about what it takes to advance in your company.
· What do the top people in the company do on a daily basis?
· Are you willing to accept those responsibilities?
· Develop a plan of action that allows you to emulate the top people in the company.
· Master the tasks you are given and look for ways to do them more efficiently.
· Follow through on all tasks
· Keep a record of your accomplishments.
· Know the criteria your supervisor uses to evaluate your performance.
· Learn something new each week.
· Find ways to overcome obstacles (brainstorm ideas, find a mentor, make better
decisions, take a class, etc.)
· Find small ways to manage your time better.
· Dress and act like a professional.