Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Forward in Your Career

Winter is ending. I can honestly say I am happy to see spring coming. Many people get the urge at this time of year to do spring cleaning and clear out the old clutter. Now might be a good time to do some professional spring cleaning, too, and get your career in shape for spring. It seems a good time to reflect on ways we can grow and spring forward in the workplace.

Consider the following tips:
  • Sit down with your supervisor and discuss ways you can become more of an asset to your company.
  • Ask for feedback on your performance; do not take criticism personally, but rather use it to grow professionally.
  • Think about ways you can positively set yourself apart from coworkers by performing your tasks more efficiently and offering positive solutions to problems.
  • Be professional at all times.
  • Update your skills; develop a professional development plan.
  • Look for ways you can add value to your company by saving money or time or by increasing profits or productivity.
  • Keep up with industry news and developments in your field.
  • Take a class or attend a seminar.
  • Find ways to get along with everyone in the office, including those hard-to-deal-with coworkers.
  • Strive for perfect attendance and punctuality.
  • Display a positive attitude.
Spring is a great time to refresh your career.