Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Continues

Looking for more ways to enjoy summer without breaking the bank? How about these ideas?

· Daydream—better yet, lie on a blanket under the sky and look for “cloud pictures” like you did when you were a kid
· Write in a journal
· Take a hike (or walk or jog)
· Borrow a library book and become a bird watcher
· Dance—kick up your heels or teach a child to dance
· Sing along with your favorite CD or make up a song
· Visit an elderly relative
· Ride a bicycle
· Go to a playground and swing
· Learn something new—borrow a library book or CD
· Walk barefoot in the grass (Watch out for bees!)
· Open all your windows and let fresh air in the house
· Make up a new game and teach it to someone
· Work on a puzzle
· Volunteer
· Write the “great American novel”
· Attend a free library program that interests you



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Days

Summer is in full swing in PA. The past week has been super hot, climbing into the 90s. This weather, although beautiful, may bring on the stress. Hot cars, stores, and homes can make us irritable, especially when we have to stand in long lines or drive crowded roads. What can we do to keep “cool”? One thing that puts things into perspective for me is remembering the cold, icy drives to and from work. That makes me very glad to be in the midst of a heat wave. Other things you can do include these:

  • Take breaks when you feel overstressed or overtired
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated
  • Find joy in little things like flowers, sprinklers, and garden hoses
  • Listen to children laughing while playing outside (better yet, join them)
  • Attend a baseball or soccer game
  • Find a shady spot and read a book
  • Go to a lake or pool and stick your toes in the water (or your whole body)
  • Sit on a porch with a neighbor or friend (Bring a fan if you need one.)
  • Have a picnic or make dinner on the grill
  • Go to an open-air concert, an amusement park, or a street fair

Most of all, enjoy this wonderful time of the year with family and friends.

Keep cool,