Saturday, February 14, 2015

Resume Tips

The job market is improving, and many people will be looking for a job or hoping to change careers. In addition, by keeping your resume updated even when you do not plan to search for a job, you will be prepared if a better opportunity arises.

The following tips will help you put together a winning resume.
  1. Limit the resume to one or two pages; employers are time strapped.
  2. Instead of a job objective, briefly profile your achievements under the heading accomplishments.
  3. Use the keywords from the job description or from your particular industry.
  4. Locate important information in a prominent place where employers will see it during a 30-second scan of the resume.
  5. Quantify whenever possible--use numbers, dollar amounts, and percentages.
  6. Do not overuse fancy fonts, underlines, bullets, bold, boxes, tabs, etc.
  7. List a professional email address.
  8. Never lie or exaggerate your experience, skills, achievements, or education.
  9. Do not list references on the resume; prepare a separate reference page.
  10. Customize the resume to fit the job description.
  11. Always send a customized cover letter with the resume showing how your qualifications meet the employer's needs.
  12. Proofread carefully checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  13. If mailing a resume, print it on quality paper.
A well-prepared resume just may get you that job interview.