Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Cleaning for Career Success

Spring is the ideal time to clear out the old and give everything a good cleaning. Take the time to unclutter your office and your desk. We all work better in a pleasant environment.

·         Purge old hard copy files
·         Throw away outdated notes and useless materials
·         Take everything out of desk drawers and wipe them out
·         Organize desk drawers
·         Discard old pens, markers, rubber bands, and other worn out supplies
·         Clear your calendar
·         Delete old, worthless emails
·         Throw out old business cards and magazines
·         Clean up old files on your computer
·         Clear everything from your desk that you don’t need that hinders your work habits
·         Rearrange your work area in the best way for you to complete your tasks
·         Give the surface of your desk a good cleaning; wipe down the phone, computer, lamp, and desk accessories.

In addition to clearing clutter from your desk, clear the clutter from your mind by using a to-do list, a tickler file (for dated material), a pending file, a calendar, and an easy method for you to remember all the hundreds of things you need to do.