Saturday, June 26, 2010

Get Your Career Going--Show Enthusiasm

What happens to the new hire who shows up to work the first day bubbling with enthusiasm? Where does that eagerness go after a few months or years? How does he/she get it back? Let the boss declare an impromptu vacation day for everyone and you will see enthusiasm skyrocket.

Enthusiasm is something over which we have some control. People in similar positions in similar companies approach their jobs with different degrees of enthusiasm. We can make up our minds to be enthusiastic. Consider people you know or have read about who are passionate about what they do--Olympians, athletes, mothers raising their children. What is it about these people that sets them apart? What makes it apparent they love what they do? How can you project that enthusiasm?

  • Be more pleasant, enthusiastic, and motivated.
  • Show a zest for life and a love for your job through your actions and personality.
  • Be a coworker others will want to work with.
  • Be an employee the boss will want to promote.
  • Get others excited about what you do and how you do it.

Truly enthusiastic people radiate passion in all they do. They do not let that passion fade. They rejuvenate themselves by seeking ways to keep their lives interesting.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Balance Your Career and Personal Life

Living a balanced professional and personal life is crucial to your successful well-being. Too much emphasis and time on your professional life to the exclusion of your personal life will cause you to miss out on important "self" time. Too much attention to your personal life and not enough on your professional life will lead to career stagnation and sabotage.

  • Develop a routine that will personally fit your life plans
  • Take steps to maintain a healthy physical and mental balance for yourself before things get out of hand
  • Take corrective action when you feel your life is out of balance
  • Consider all areas of your life including work, health, family and friends, finances, personal growth, professional growth, spiritual, hobbies, and the like

When your perspective in any area of your life is out of balance, make necessary adjustments to create balance.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Keep Your Career and Job Fresh - Never Stop Learning

As schools wind down and students begin summer vacation, keep in mind that we are in a period of lifelong learning. We must strive to grow each day on the job. Learning does not stop with formal education. Get as much education and training as possible that will help you perform better in your job and also enhance your career possibilities.
  • Become an expert in an area that is lucrative
  • Challenge yourself to reach higher positions
  • Update skills to increase your value to the company
  • Learn new sought-after skills
  • Learn something new each week to keep your mind fresh and open to creativity

There are lots of ways to stimulate learning--both informally and formally. Look for opportunities and take advantage of them.