Friday, April 29, 2011

Job Tips

This morning I did a workshop/book signing for my book Job Hunting After 50. Two of the best pieces of advice I gave the audience were to embrace technology and to update.

Employers are using technology more and more to advertise jobs--LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have become favorite ways of getting the word out about job openings and finding perspective employees. If you are not on these networking sites, sign up today.

As for the updating part, that includes everything from using current resume formats to wearing modern hairstyles and clothing to researching companies online to learning the latest software and skills companies need.

Although a lot more goes into a job search, doing these with greatly enhance your prospects when looking for a job.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Take Time to Enjoy

Take time this Easter to enjoy family and friends and to renew yourself spiritually. Living a balanced personal and professional life is crucial to your successful well being. Too much attention to your professional life to the exclusion of your personal life will cause you to miss out on important "self" time. Too much attention to your personal life and not enough attention to your professional life will stagnate your career. Develop a routine that fits your lifestyle and make corrections when your life is out of balance.

  • Take time to maintain a healthy physical and mental balance.

  • Practice good time management and stress management techniques.

  • Get organized and stay that way.

  • Maintain a positive attitude.
When you think of balance, consider all areas of your life, including family, work, health, wealth, spiritual, hobbies, and everything else that fits together to make up your life plan. Balance in all areas of your life is the key to a contented life.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are You Meeting Your Goals?

Today is a rather rainy spring day. It seems like a good time to stay inside and revisit your goals. Think about the following questions:

  • How are you coming with your personal and professional goals?

  • Have you made the progress you intended to make when you set them?

  • Is there anything else you can do to move yourself closer to your goals?

  • Can you revise or rewrite your steps for attaining your goals?

  • Are there goals on your list that you should remove or revise?

  • If you have met most of your goals, can you think of new ones to set?

Taking time to assess goals and, if needed, revise and rewrite them will keep you motivated and on track to personal and professional success.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cultivate a Successful Career

Today is April Fool's Day. Don't be fooled by thinking career success will automatically happen without much input on your part. Career success needs to be cultivated and attended to daily. Here are some things to do every day to make sure you are cultivating career success:

  • Plan for your advancement by writing down your goals.

  • Maintain a positive attitude.

  • Do something every day to add value to your company. This can be as simple as doing the best job you can do each day.

  • Do more than required.

  • Look for solutions to problems.

  • Maintain a professional demeanor.

  • Be a results-oriented employee.

  • Make yourself valuable to your boss.

  • Hone your leadership skills.

  • Ask your boss to evaluate your work and provide feedback.

  • Ask if there is anything else you can do be valuable to your boss.

  • Steer clear of gossips and troublemakers.

  • Get along with everyone in the workplace.

By maintaining a "success" mindset, you can steer your career in the right direction. What steps have you taken to ensure your career success?